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Participating Factions

Imperial Guard-----------------------------------------------
Backstory: The imperial guard are in total disarray after space hulk annaria rockets into the system shockwaves emanating from the hulk destroyed most communications and prompted riots across the worlds. By the time all the cultist insurgents, treason, local orc warband attacks and meteor swarms the hulk dragged along with it subsided the Imperial Guard command structure was a mess. In fact the responsibility for the entire system has now fallen to the highest ranking official left alive, a mere colonel. The arrival of all the other factions has only complicated an already desperate situation
Primary objective---------------------------------------------
Control 3 H tiles on Magranax I, 3 M tiles on Magranax II and both M tiles and the Sp tile on Pellethoss
Secondary Objective-----------------------------------------
Have confirmed control of any 7 tiles on the map at the end of a tactical appraisal
Imperial Guard Forces---------------------------------------
Primary HQ    : Command HQ, Command squad
Secondary HQ: Commisar, Rough rider command
Elites             : Ogryns, Stormtroopers, Ratlings
Basic             : Imperial Guard Squads, Rough Riders, 1 Chimera
Support         : All Tanks, Sentinels, Heavy Weapons teams

Special Rules: Fortify Position - On each world/moon/hulk may place a reinforced counter during tactical appraisal which increases defending forces by 5%
For the emperor - Up to half the squads in an army may be given veteran bonuses.
When equipped with a comm-link a command group may call down 1 barrage for every set of 1M 1S 1B 1H controlled on a planet.
A regiment of Guard (100 guardsmen total) may achieve heroic status similar to the way heroes can. However once they become aspiring they must always be fielded at their full strength and same equipment just like heroes.

Backstory: the chaos legion in the Magranax system has actually been there for some time. Sleeping in cyrochambers beneath the surface of the worlds. The advent of space hulk annaria and the psychic warp signal it carries has begun to awaken these dread legions. Their master is a Lord possessed of a dark dream, the eventual victory of chaos over order, and his own personal ascension. Having been woken before the rest of his legion he will have to make what progress he can with the warriors who have stirred.
Primary objective - Modular-------------------------------------
1.Have 3 connected C tiles and the central H tile on Magranax I by the end of tactical appraisal
2.Have both S tiles on Magranax III and the T tile on Tathrun by the end of Tactical appraisal
3.Complete both the above objectives and then control the 3 x tiles on Magranax II by the end of tactical appraisal
Secondary objective--------------------------------------------
Either defeat 5 enemy primary HQ in close combat with the same chaos lord over the course of the campaign or sacrifice 5 artifacts
Chaos forces--------------------------------------------------
Primary HQ  :Daemon princes, all greater daemons, Chaos lord, Army Icon, Sorcerer, chaos champions
Seconday HQ :Aspiring chaos champions
Elites      :All lesser daemons, Terminators, Veterans, Plague marines, berzerkers, thousand sons, noise marines, chaos Bikers
Basics      :Chaos space marines, Cultists, Beastmen,1 unit chaos bikers
Support     :Daemon princes, all greater daemons, all support and bikers

Special rules: Warp storm - during tactical appraisal may place a warp storm counter on one enemy tile per planet, the chosen tile no longer counts when doing battle prep or tactical appraisal, lasts until next tactical appraisal
Blessings of the dark gods - depends on lords mark(see below)
Nurgle   1 unit of plague marines is a basic choice or 1 unit of daemons of Nurgle are a basic choice
Tzeench  1 unit of thousand sons is a basic choice or 1 unit of daemons of Tzeench are a basic choice
Slaanesh 1 unit of noise marines is a basic choice or 1 unit of daemons of Slaanesh are a basic choice
Khorne   1 unit of berserkers is a basic choice or 1 unit of daemons of Khorne are a basic choice
Undivided 1 unit of chaos veterans is a basic choice or 1 unit of furies are a basic choice

Space marines----------------------------------------
Backstory: When space hulk annaria blitzed through civilized space three quarters of a millennia ago it caused many bizarre occurrences along its path. In this case it sucked an entire battle barge full of space marines into the warp and deposited them 750 years later in the Magranax system. Having been declared traitors by desertion after their disappearance the intrepid marines are having no end of trouble gaining the cooperation of the local imperial forces, the disturbance from the space hulk is making things even worse, and they look to have a fight on their hands reclaiming this system.
Primary objective----------------------------------
Control 50% of all H tiles on each world at the end of any tactical appraisal
Secondary objective-------------------------------
Take control of the MASTER tile on space hulk annaria until the end of a tactical appraisal
Space marine forces-----------------------------------
Primary HQ  :Captains,Standard,Chaplain,Librarian
Seconday HQ :Apothecary,Techmarine,Veteran Sergeant
Elites      :Everything except Assault, Tactical, Scout (also bikes)
Basics      :Assault, Tactical, Scout, 1 unit bikers
Support     :All support, Bikes

Special rules: Battle barge - One spaceport move used to attack during tactical appraisal has 5% points on top of other bonuses
Chapter mastery - 1 unit of Veterans is a basic choice (continues below)
if you have access to elites this can instead be a unit of Terminators
if you have access to support this can instead be a Dreadnought

Backstory: The warboss of the orks now in the magranax system is that not so rare breed of ork who when he looks at a city immediately tries to work out if he could take it with 2 lobbas and a handful of boyz. This conquerer was pulled into the system on a floating rokk fortress in the wake of space hulk annaria. He is currently attempting to establish a mighty empire by means of total waaaaagh.
Primary objective----------------------------------
Control 45 tiles of any type on the 3 worlds at the end of any tactical appraisal
Secondary objective--------------------------------
Take control of the MASTER tile on space hulk annaria until the end of a tactical appraisal
Ork forces------------------------------------------------
Primary HQ  :All characters except Nobz, Runtherdz and gretchin assistants
Seconday HQ :Nobz, Runtherdz and gretchin assistants
Elites      :Anything 0-1 and Nobz/Ogryns Bikes
Basics      :Goffs Dethskulls Evil sunz Snakebite, 1 Ork Battlewagon
Support     :All support Bikes

Special rules: Da Big Waaagh! - If you win a major victory you can take over two unnoccupied tiles on that planet instead of just one
Da little Waaagh! - if you suffer a minor defeat you may immediately takeover an adjacent unnoccupied tile this happens before your opponents move resolves

Backstory: A wise and powerful Farseer has sent a small force on a mission to alter the events he has foreseen and create a more positive future for the eldar race. Unfortunately simply showing up with a fleet and blasting the lesser species to ash will not achieve the result he seeks so the farseer sent his best student to the Magranax system to influence events directly. To make matters more complicated the eldars ability to predict future events is being hampered by proximity to the Space Hulks emanations.
Primary objective----------------------------------------------
At start of game randomly select half the players and then cause failstate events for these players either primary or secondary
Secondary objective--------------------------------------------
Control 1 S tile on each of the 3 worlds and the T tile on Tathrun by the end of any tactical appraisal
Eldar Forces----------------------------------------------------
Primary HQ  :Avatar*, Farseer, Warlock, Exarch,
Secondary HQ:Pirate Captain, Exodite Lord
Elites      :Anything with aspect armor
Basics    :Guardians Pirates Exodites Scouts
Support     :Whole support section and wraithguard

Special rules: Webway - 1 additional spaceport move during tactical appraisal (cannot be used to attack)
Mobile - Jetbikes do not count as support (except for vyper)

Backstory: The ethereal now in command of tau forces in the magranax system was initially sent to recon the area and evaluate its suitability for conversion. When space hulk annaria entered the system it disrupted travel and communications essentially leaving this lone ethereal cut off from his superiors and trapped in system. Acting decisively he has begun the conversion of the system with the forces available and has made some headway by utilizing more mercenary tactics than tau commanders otherwise might.
Primary objective----------------------------------------
Control 50% of Magranax I and Magranax II at the end of tactical appraisal
Secondary objective-------------------------------------
Control all S tiles at the end of Tactical appraisal
Tau Forces----------------------------------------------
Primary HQ     :Commander, Ethereal
Secondary HQ :XV8 Bodyguards
Elites             : XV8 teams and XV15 stealth teams
Basic             :Kroot, pathfinders, gun drones, hounds, fire warrriors
Support         :All support

Special Rules: The greater good - Tau may sacrifice a controlled hex to gain and additional 5% on one attack this is in addition to other bonuses.
Mercenary tactics - when fighting using the allied force rule tau get an overall bonus of 5% in addition to other bonuses.

Dark Eldar------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Backstory: The Wych cult of the Razored palm had been raiding in the wake of Space hulk annaria for some time. Hiding in the many rokks that litter the hulks trail. Now that a system has once again fallen under the influence of the hulks jamming and distorting effects the bloody work of the cult will begin anew. The drachon who leads the cult was quite confused by the presence of the craftworld eldar and space marines in the system but intends to take full advantage of the situation by harvesting the higher quality psychic sensitive souls of these newcomers. With some luck the cult could return to commorragh with enough souls to not only cover the costs of this venture but to forge themselves a more definitive place among the myriad other organisations of their homeworld.
Primary objective------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Only the 1st is required to qualify for victory but the others will make final outcomes progressively better for the dark eldar
Take 500 souls or equivalent (human - 1 Space marine - 10 Eldar - 7 Ork - 1 Nobz - 3 kroot - 1 Tau - 2.Primary HQ +5 Secondary HQ +2 Elites +1)
Take 1000 souls or equivalent (human - 1 Space marine - 10 Eldar - 7 Ork - 1 Nobz - 3 kroot - 1 Tau - 2.Primary HQ +5 Secondary HQ +2 Elites +1)
Take 1500 souls or equivalent (human - 1 Space marine - 10 Eldar - 7 Ork - 1 Nobz - 3 kroot - 1 Tau - 2.Primary HQ +5 Secondary HQ +2 Elites +1)
Take 2000 souls or equivalent (human - 1 Space marine - 10 Eldar - 7 Ork - 1 Nobz - 3 kroot - 1 Tau - 2.Primary HQ +5 Secondary HQ +2 Elites +1)
Secondary Objective---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Control 50% of all H tiles on each world at the end of any tactical appraisal
Dark Eldar Forces------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Primary HQ     : Drachon/Archon, Haemonculus
Secondary HQ : Dark Eldar Retinue
Elites              : Grotesques, Mandrakes, Wyches, Warp beast pack, Hellions, Scourges, Reaver Jetbikes
Basic              : Dark Eldar Warriors, 1 Raider, 1 Unit of Reaver jetbikes
Support          : Talos, Raider, Ravager, Reaver jetbikes

Special Rules: Piratical raiders - in objective based or scenario combat where there is an attacker and a defender the dark eldar are always the attacker. In addition the dark eldar have a +2 when rolling to sieze the initiative and may always attack 1 tile deeper than they otherwise would.
Fleet of foot - dark eldar troops may run D6 during the shooting phase if they don't shoot.

Campaign Alterations to Forces/Rules

Buildings: These come in several varieties. Type 1 are T7 W3 with a 4+ armor save. Type 2 are T10 W6 with a 3+armor save. Type 3 are indestructible by normal means. Any and all types may be shielded adding additional saves and to hit modifiers.

Cover: In addition to normal modifiers to hit for cover when units are against cover they are using they get an additional unmoddifiable save based on the nature of the cover light is 6+ heavy is 5+ and shielded cover may provide a 4+ or better. Note that this only applies if the units are right up against the cover. This benefit cannot be claimed by vehicles

Confirmed control: if a single hex remains in one players control through 4 attacks then it becomes confirmed as theirs and may only be attacked once by each player during tactical appraisal and not at all during regular play. If a confirmed control hex that is another player objective is held till the end of tactical appraisal it causes a failstate battle (this is fought as normal) if the attacking player loses then the related objective is considered failed.

Allied forces: players may agree to trade bonuses/services for support/elite choices from each others list (as long as you have them on that world) This must not exceed the points total. e.g. I offer to drop spaceport attacks on one players manufactorums and in exchange another player will give me his support choice for 1 turn I choose this support choice from his list and use it in an attack my points value is still the points on the hex. (so if its a 300 point tank and max is 2000 then the rest of my army is 1700) A side effect of this is that I may not choose to attack the player I recived the support choice from with that support choice (hes not gonna fight his own dudes)

Hit and run rules: Declare a hit and run assault in the movement phase. Move the models into close combat this combat is resolved immediately out of turn order. When it does resolve the attacker rolls a LD test  -1 for every model on the attackers side that fell in combat. If successful then the unit may move the rest of its movement out of combat. Units that have successfully hit and run can shoot in the shooting phase but suffer a -1 penalty for doing so. You cannot hit and run at fast speed

Heroic actions may create unique heroes at increased points (loosely determined by participants across multiple battles)


All troops that move more than 12" in the movement phase are -1 to hit when shooting at them (not including teleporters)

Bikers of all kinds can hit and run

Thousand sons gain new rules
When Accompanied by a sorcerer bolt pistols gain +1S within their short range
When Accompanied by a sorcerer they provide look out sir rolls for him.

Space marines with Bolters may choose to rapid fire if they have not moved this doubles the number of shots but applies a -1 to hit penalty. The penalty is not applied to veterans who choose to rapid fire or to primary or secondary HQ doing the same.


Rapid fire bolters are -1 to hit

Removal of all targeters and readjustment of ridiculous BS scores to 5 max for troops / machine
Example Eldar Warwalker has BS3 and a targeter now BS4. Space marine Dreadnought has BS6 and a targeter now BS5

Flamer template weapons -2 cover but explosion templates only -1 from the save

Warp spiders extended jumps are now +1 more to check for warp loss. normal is 12". Extended is 12-20" and 5+ fail and extended 2 is 20+ and 4+ fail.
Warp spiders cost double points

All da rules
All players roll D6 and add strategy rating (if players have the same roll off between them).
players choose their turn position in order of highest to lowest.
Once all positions are filled 1st player may deploy.
Players have 5 starting hexes an initial hex on a planet moon or space hulk may be anywhere anymore on that planet moon or space hulk must be adjacent.
This does not restrict players placing an initial hex on another planet moon or space hulk.
Once all starting hexes are placed the 1st turn starts.
Each player may make one attack per turn.
Attacks must draw a line on the strategy map between your hexes and your opponents consisting of your hexes or of unnoccupied hexes.
Battles are fought at the points of the attacked hex (written on the hex)
A player who is attacked may attempt to force objective based play on a 6+ (+1 for every Sensor array)
Once in battle the players again roll D6 and add their strategy rating highest chooses whether to be 1st or 2nd.
Player who is first sets up first and will have first turn unless...
The opponent may make a 6+ roll (+1 for every combat bastion) to sieze the initiative this happens after set-up and if successful means that the 2nd player will have 1st turn.
battles are points based the result decides what happens on the strategy map. The more points you win by the better
1-3 points minor victory take over attacked hex
4-5 points major victory take over attacked hex and 1 unnocupied hex adjacent to your hexes (including the one you just took over if you want)
6+ Total slaughter as major victory and the enemy that was attacked may not choose to target you during their next strategy turn on the world where this occured
Every 3 turns players engage in tactical appraisal.
For tactical appraisal each player rolls d6 and adds their strategy rating in the same way as they did at the start then picks position.
once all positions are again filled players roll for takeovers.
starting with 1st player roll d6 per hex on each world and on a 6+ (+1 for each Hive/biohab) you may takeover an adjacent unnocupied hex on that world.
once all takeovers are done players may make spaceport moves/attacks in the same order as before.
To make a spaceport move a player must have a spaceport hex per move they intend to make.
A spaceport move shifts control from one of your hexes to another hex anywhere on the map.
If this hex is unnocupied it is taken immediatley.
If it is opponent controlled then this causes a battle. (when choosing forces for this battle your choices and bonuses come from the world of origin)
once all spaceport moves are done tactical appraisal ends (the order of players is kept until the next tactical appraisal).
Any resolutions happen at this point.
If a player is wiped out he may reconsolidate on a 2+ roll (taking over an unnocupied hex anywhere on the strategy map)
The difficulty of this roll increases by 1 each time a player is wiped out.
If this roll is failed or there are no unoccupied hexes then the player is eliminated.

To win
Overall winner: Complete both your primary and secondary conditions
Winner: Complete your primary victory condition
Not a loser: Complete your secondary victory condition
Loser: Both objectives incomplete or eliminated

Types of tile/hex an effects

Sensor array tile - for each of these controlled you can make attacks 1 tile deeper into your opponents area
+1 to force objective based combat for each sensor array controlled.

Combat Bastion tile - for each of these you have you can get 1 elites choice
1 more than enemy - +1 to sieze initiative +1 to reinforcement rolls (on that planet)
2 more than enemy - +2 to sieze initiative +2 to reinforcement rolls (on that planet)
3 more than enemy - +3 to sieze initiative +3 to reinforcement rolls (on that planet)

Manufactorum tile - for each of these you have you get 1 support choice
1 more than enemy - 3% points 2 more - 5% 3 more - 10% (on that planet) as long as theres a line to the tile

Spaceport tile - for each one controled you can make one spaceport move during tactical appraisal

City/Hive/Biohab tile - for each of these you have you get 1 Primary HQ choice
for each controled you get +1 to takeover rolls each tactical appraisal(on that planet)

Artifact tile - generated randomly and resolved the same way these are specific to campaign

Unique tile/control bonuses - some tiles have special game-altering effects when activated these are specific to campaign

Out of campaign

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