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General and Administrative Purposes

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1 Re: General and Administrative Purposes on Mon Feb 05, 2018 9:23 pm


Welcome back lads, Here it is, the forum updated and simplified, starting with our ongoing 20 year project of fixing the only good version of 40k, 2nd edition, that's not up for debate either by the way.

I personally have to come a recent conclusion that its not the rules that need totally rehashing its the Codexes, the other thing is perhaps an errata to how things are done, for instance Alistair has an idea about Lords and Strategy Ratings, Rob has an idea about Shooting at units in part cover and open space etc, we may need to come to a gentlemans agreement on Magic.

Rob proposed a voting system, we vote on a change and it doesnt get passed until its a 3 out of 4 vote and we keep modifying it until we get there.

Right, I've added in a few Codex Fixes Topics, However i thought we might want to do some Further Topics with Actual Codex completions in there. Also i was once upon a time in the process of typing up a compendium which is essentially all the card cut out parts and accompanying rules into a usable book, i will get back to this and do some more, but unlike the battle bible it will be a word for word copy of what the originals say, and any notes or revisions will be written underneath etc etc

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