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DnD multiverse Campaign

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1 DnD multiverse Campaign on Sun Dec 10, 2017 8:38 am


Right then here's a new thread for your own "planets" in our on going multiverse campaign, please use one message each and update it as necessary. I am restructuring the forum, so here is Robs post bellow...

As for my holiday contribution, I would like to host Call of Cthulhu, it will be tied in with our Dnd campaign, don't ask.

So . . . I will need people to write up characters for the current edition of CoC, there is no need to try and match your current DnD character at all, total freedom. Any one need help with this, let me know!

Any way, from what I understand Mike is going to run the next holiday campaign??? If so, no rush for this.

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2 Bens DnD Info on Sun Dec 10, 2017 9:19 am


Mike "Are we still going with this, for a campaign?"

Well 1 out of however many aint bad.

Ill start introducing the NPC's on the boat then

First up is the expedition leaders
Alabasta Zoedric of the Mages guild---------------------------------------------------------------------------------

This old grey haired mage has a kindly aspect to his demeanour always polite and explaining. Hes also one of the most powerful human mages in the world right now (he can cast 4th level spells!). He is wrinkled and has a large nose upon which rest small spectacles. His short grey beard and moustache are in stark contrast to his balding head.

He was one of the people who hired you the other is the merchant prince

Captain Dirk Nowell of the Rampant Exemplar----------------------------------------------------------------------

The captain is a rather serious fellow with a thick black moustache and a tricorn hat as is the current style. his uniform is always immaculate. He has black hair and stern features.

The captain commands the ship your on (The Rampant Exemplar) and is a very experienced sailor. It was partly due to his expertise that the expedition was even possible because it takes great skill to navigate the shifting seas around a rimworld.

His crew consists of his First mate Auga Romen one of the toughest women alive. Second mate Prala Finch who is always upbeat and cheerful. And a bunch of nameless faceless sailors and craftsmen.

Secondly there are other NPCs who were hired at the same time as you.

Gurg of the horde (Male half-orc) (Barbarian/Sorcerer)

This brutal looking but simpleminded Half-Orc is an acquaintance of some of you (rob and ryan in matts game.) so you have a vague idea of his methodology (everything is either useful or it needs breaking).
Hes very friendly all things considered he left his tribe because he got magically abducted (matts game) and he wants to return after he increases his knowledge and power so he can get all the women and respect he wants. He mainly signed up to help his Favourite little dwarf buddy!

Mischa Endhaven (Female Human) (Rogue)

Slight and attractive. Fast and lethal. These are all things that could be said of Mischa a professional hired blade with an outstanding track record. Red haired. Mischa joined the expedition as a way of making a big enough score to finally taste the finer things in life. She has a fascination with wealth and decadence.

Bodrick and Edrick Sendra (Males) (Fighters)

Twins by birth and different in most every other way. Bodrick is fast and took to a bow at an early age. Edrick on the other hand favours a battleaxe and heavier armors. They joined up partly to escape from some trouble that Edricks temper had gotten them into.

Yalla the brave (Female) (Halfling Ranger)

Yalla is a foul mouthed boar riding spear wielding baddass who wont suffer any nonsense from the silly bigfolk who litter her path. Shes also pretty good at tracking. She joined the expedition out of pure boredom

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3 Re: DnD multiverse Campaign on Sun Dec 10, 2017 9:22 am


Ben Intro:
Yeah so you've all been hired by the Mages guild and an extremely wealthy Merchant prince (one of the big 5) to find the thurgulum a magical elvish artefact. You have all met before in various scenarios and maybe even done jobs together.

Put your character stats and background with a bit about how you know/met each other.

Robs Character:
Name: Amber Frostbeard
Race: Hill Dwarf
Class: Ranger
Level: 2

Background: My character is from a Clan that is nomadic, having lost our native homeland to those pesky greenskins, we wonder the frozen plains living with our dishonour in order to one day reclaim our homeland. However the truth of the matter is that the clan is in decline, having been ostracised by the more noble dwarf clans (Inbreeding may also be a bit of a problem)

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