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Mordheim 2nd Edition

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1 Mordheim 2nd Edition on Sun Dec 10, 2017 9:01 am


Right Gents, Here we are again and this is it, this is an updated post on before.

Rob and i have discussed Mordheim, and we want to perhaps build a map based narrative campaign system, perhaps incorporating elements of Necromunda to it.

We were tired of Knowing how Missions were going to pan out before we even played them, Such as Rescue the Prince, The Dwarves pretty much always lost etc etc. Or Elves would win way to easily.

And the we go on to OP gangs as well. Cough Cough Elves. Though Paul Allisons terrible record might mean we have to stop calling them that.

Whilst Rob visited we Played Necromunda, which has many good qualities to it, Such as a Territories based system and that each model is in itself a character... we quite liked this. So with adopting these two ideas it would mean rewriting how gangs are made and recruited.

We also fancied having different Skills added in and new scenarios, So everyone lets get stuck in.

I am currently doing the Skaven Gang and Witch Hunters Gangs, Mat has asked me to do a Clan Pestilence Option for Skaven, so essentially 2 gangs. Unless someone else wants a Clan Pestilence Option im not going to bother as Mat has currently chosen to not engage with the core group.

So now i would like Volunteers, do we want a sub forum sections for posting new missions, updated gangs, Robs doing the territories section and new skills?

Speaking of new gangs, without a plausible Warhammer Fantasy Universe reason to be there, they can fudge off, So Nothing from the Old World and No Bretonnians and no wood elves. Unless the Dark Elves are looking for a giant dildo to please the head Witch Elf, i want a damned good reason they are there!

And if you even did persuade the whole group that the Lizardmen should be allowed in Mordheim, How do you propose to explain the recruitment process, we'll send a letter and a request a new recruit... i imagine that's about a 6 month turn over time.

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2 Hunt the Thraxian Doombeast by Ben Lane on Sun Dec 10, 2017 9:09 am


This is hopefully going to be play tested by Mike and Ben in the next holiday

Hunt the thraxian doombeast

4ft by 4ft board with dense terrain and at least three levels.
Place doombeast model in centre of field. (model needs large base)
Players roll to decide who are hunters and who is defender. highest chooses first etc.

players roll off to decide who goes first then each player sets up one model at a time (this also decides turn order with the doombeast acting after all other players) models can be placed anywhere as long as they are not in sight of the doombeast or an enemy model


The two hunters need to kill the doombeast and collect trophies as described below. (trophies are held by models who must survive to claim rewards)
The defender needs to eliminate the other two players and prevent the slaying of the doombeast


Thraxian Doombeast
M:4d6 Ws:3 Bs:- S:5 T:6 W:6 I:3 A:d6 Ld10

Special rules

Doombeast: The doombeasts behaviour and strength is decided by the number of wounds it has remaining
6+5: moves randomly based on scatter dice
4: random movement, +1d6 attacks
3: random movement, +1S
2: attacks nearest target, +1d6, roar distance 10"
1: attacks nearest target, +1S

(if movement would take beast off table move to edge then reroll scatter dice with remaining move)

Trample: when moving randomly if the doombeast moves through a model it inflicts hits equal to its attack value (these autohit)

Natural Climber: if the doombeast moves into a piece of terrain it climbs it at a speed equal to its normal movement (climbs a 5 inch ledge costing 5 movement) the same with dropping down. the doombeast never falls or takes damage unless it is knocked off by an attack.
If the doombeast does not have enough move to climb up or down it stops and roars in frustration

Doombeast roar
the doombeast roars when it cannot climb and also for the first unsaved wound it recieves each turn.
the roar has a range of 6" and models within hearing must pass a ld test or be autohit by an S2 attack

Mutagenic Carapace
The doombeast has a 5+ armor save. In addition it gains an invulnerable save of 5+ against the second wound recieved in a round 4+ against the third etc.

Breakaway attack
when the doombeast leaves base to base contact with a model it makes a single attack at its Ws and S (theis is the only time the doombeast rolls to hit)

First blood: Automatically awarded to the model that first wounds the doombeast
after the first wound roll d6 on the chart to determine trophy (each can only be claimed once)
with the exception of first blood all trophies must be claimed from close combat with the doombeast

1 doombeast screecher: doombeast halves roar distance
2 doombeast horn: doombeast -1A
3 doombeast organs: doombeast -1T
4 doombeast left tendons: halves doombeast move
5 doombeast right tendons: halves doombeast move
6 doombeast eyes: doombeast loses breakaway attacks

note that taking both tendons is equivalent to 1/4 movement by the doombeast.
each trophy is worth 1 wyrdstone and 1 experience for the model claiming it

Winning conditions
if the doombeast dies then the hunter player with the most trophies wins
if the doombeast survives then the defender wins

winning players get the usual benefits as well as +1 dice in exploration at the end of the battle.
defending players who win also recieve d6 wydstone.

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