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Blood Bowl

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1 Blood Bowl on Sun Dec 10, 2017 9:06 am


Comments By Rob off course.

Good league last time guys, looking forward to the forth coming.

Introducing a few extra rules next league:
- Fouling
- Weather Table
- Going For It

Also at the end of this League we are playing 'End of Season', where our teams disband and we have to rehire our teams and a few other bits, word of warning.

Would like to be a bit more spread out and organised with the fixtures this time too.

Finally will be taking team submissions, when you are ready and sure please post team name and race on here please. I will state that Sons of Gork (Orcs) will be returning. Any one fielding new teams wont have to go through 'End of Season', if anyone does.

1st Place: Sons of Gork (Orcs) - Robb Inman
2nd Place: Norse Code (Norse) - Ben Lane
3rd Place: Lustrious Ladies (Amazons) - Mike Evans
4th Place: Mighty Ducks (Skaven) - Ryan Webb
5th Place: Durins Draughters (Dwarves) - Joe Coultas

Want to add a few things more,

Forgot to mention, this league we will be playing inducements, this is essentially the underdog rule, wasn't much point last time as we all started with new gangs.

Been thinking about having the 'End of Season' before the start of the next league, the idea being it balances the teams out a bit, for example currently my team is worth 1,470,000 but after End of Season I would go down to 1,250,000. Bit worried that I'll be getting in a lot of friendlies, had two already and my team will be too far ahead. Anyway still musing how much difference it will actually make.

Also after discussions with mike, the new Prize money for the coming league is as follows:
1st Place: 50,000 (Rather than 60,000)
2nd Place: 30,000 (Same as last year)
These are half values of the award money GW suggest for end of league, but since we are doing half league: half monies.

Would like to add the following awards too next league:
Team with most touchdowns: 10,000*
Team with most casualties caused: 10,000*
Player with most touchdowns: 5 Experience.
Player with most casualties caused: 5 Experience.

*If you win this award and win the league you don't get the 10,000 prize money. If you win this award and come second in the league you only get half the award money.

Next, I want to encourage painting. So . . . I was thinking for the next league, every model in your team which has a base coat colour for their skin, jersey and armour is awarded 1 experience point, doesn't have to be neat or perfect, but at the same time it can't be slapped on in a rush. The idea being this will get progressively harder so next league maybe all base coating done and a wash, depending on painting style, we'll see.

Lastly, I have started a Rankings Table! Oh yes, every league match/friendly that is played by our times must be reported or they will only count as non campaign matches (No exp, money etc) and i will add the stats to the table and it will rank us on our win percentages, a draw counts as a loss.

Think that's all for now! Let me know what you think.

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2 Re: Blood Bowl on Sun Dec 10, 2017 9:08 am


I would like to thank rob for his continued support of the game, despite such serious efforts put in by rob we are failing to maintain serious players and for other players to take an interest, which is a real shame as the game is truly great and what's even better is, it's very difficult to break in terms of finding holes in the game play.

In my opinion the online game is identical too, but what I wanted to do here was A. Thank rob for his amazing input and dedication, B. Welcome Joe to the fold and hope he continues his saga and takes up more teams and games, C. Point out the online version, Steam, Blood Bowl Legendary edition has 24 teams, no doubt easily transferred to the actual board game.
D. I would like rob to post his statistical data of the game for all to see.


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3 Re: Blood Bowl on Sat Jan 06, 2018 11:07 am


So Game Updates
Alistair Played as Orcs against Humans and Won 1 - 0, Badmoon Badgers vs some now defunct team due to heavy losses, pretty good for Als first proper Game
He then Played his Orcs against MY Amazons and lost 2 - 1
The next day he replayed my Amazons and Drew 1 - 1

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