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From Paul Evans and With Thanks

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1 From Paul Evans and With Thanks on Sun Dec 10, 2017 9:26 am


As a new member of the forum I can't post link just yet. However:

Companies with products that I own:
Ral Partha 15mm.
Full range of warhammer proxies.
Can be bought in regiment sizes through their Demonworld range or as warbands/individual figures in their Fantasy or Blighthaven ranges. V. High quality figures, strong metal.

Copplestone Castings.
Barbarians, trolls, some Dwarves and a couple of excellent giants. Soon to move production to North Star  Military figures. Super high quality.
Several ranges of fantasy and sci-fi. Their HOT range of fantasy is great quality and cheap. I have a bunch o f the undead and some elves from this range and its very robust.

Magister Militum
Stocks three ranges of fantasy at 15mm scale and a bunch of historical models. I have some figures from the Chariot range and the Blood Dawn range. They are all good quality.

My source for orcs. They have an old school style that I like. They also have some other ranges that look promising especially the woodelves. The figures here are made of a slightly softer metal so are easy to convert by bending their arms.

Splintered Light Minis
Huge range of fantasy with a lot of variety. One downside is that they are based in the US so heavy shipping charges plus tax to worry about. I have some of their beasts and some adventures. They are made from quiet a soft metal (softer than the Mirliton figure) so break easily and have less detail than the ranges above.

Pendraken Miniatures
These are 10mm figures. But some are quite suitable for 15mm. I use their ratmen as skaven and I have some of their monsters. Their Orcs are the right scale for goblins in 15mm.

Other ranges that I don't own:


Museum Miniatures

Khurasan Miniatures

By Fire and Sword

Lone Gunman Games

Battlevalor Games

The ranges that I own are pretty compatible. You'll find that the 15mm scale varies quite a bit. Quite a bit of the fantasy is close to 18mm.

The fun thing about 15mm is you can often think outside the box for figures. I have some 28mm GW Hobbit goblins for trolls. 28mm Dryads as treemen. 28mm Halflings as half-ogres. Baby dragons in 28mm become full dragons in 15mm. Etc

A good source for 15mm fantasy news is "the miniatures page" 15mm fantasy message board.

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