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Rule Fixes

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1 Rule Fixes on Thu Oct 19, 2017 12:22 pm


Lets keep this simple, Just keep editing this one post and adding and modifying rules as we go. Lets get the ball rolling.

1. Multimelta Modification, Weapon fired on full power has to Recharge, Low Power is the same Stats but using the 1" template instead of 2" template. I'll add the actual stat line here shortly.


Suggested changes to vehicle armor.
By replacing armor pen stats with armor saves we take away vehicles invincibility to most things without making them useless.
First we divide vehicles into categories of armor Light, Medium, Heavy, Super Heavy. Light rolls 2d6 for saves. Medium 3d6 etc
Thus we get harder armor as we go up. We can also then customise location by having front be say 3+ on 2d6 Side 4+ on 2d6 and rear 6+ on 2d6. Then we have the problem of puny weapons like lasguns being able to destroy tanks, so what ive done is to say that yes basic weapons can penetrate but they only roll d3 on the damage chart. this brings back the problem of invincibility so ive also added cumulative damage, if a weapon scores a result on a damage chart that it has already had and cant perform again then it gets to roll d6 on the chart (must take second result even if it is the original again).

Ive also added an addendum that melta weapons modify the category of a vehicle one place. so they turn a 4d6 heavy to a 3d6 medium when saving against them. This makes a multimelta or melta bombs excellent anti vehicle. And melta guns with enough attacks can eventually take down a tank.

Here is a basic conversion chart for armor value to save.

10 = 5+ on 2d6
12 = 3+ on 2d6
14 = 5+ on 3d6
16 = 3+ on 3d6
18 = 5+ on 4d6
20 = 3+ on 4d6
22 = 5+ on 5d6
24 = 3+ on 5d6

Obviously you will want to adjust for your individual armies and tanks. For example guard and marines will likely have better values than eldar


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2 Re: Rule Fixes on Fri Oct 20, 2017 9:35 pm

Re proposed changes to vehicles armour, how about adopting the new rules which give vehicles a certain number of wounds. A penetrating hit reduces the vehicle by D6 or D10 wounds.

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3 Re: Rule Fixes on Fri Oct 20, 2017 11:04 pm


Alistair can you explain these new alternative rules in more details and do an example of a tank getting shot and hit by a lascannon for example please? A worked example would be good for your proposal as well please Ben.

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4 Re: Rule Fixes on Sat Oct 21, 2017 10:33 am

Heres a simple one.

Falcon grav tank Armor
1 Grav motor Front 18 Side 18 Rear 18
2-4 Hull Front 18 Side 18 Rear 18
5-6 Turret Front 18 Side 18 Rear 18

Is a heavy vehicle by chart but because eldar are less well armored instead of the 5+ on 4d6 suggested ill use 7+ on 4d6

Heavy (4d6)
1 Grav motor Front 7+ Side 7+ Rear 7+
2-4 Hull Front 7+ Side 7+ Rear 7+
5-6 Turret Front 7+ Side 7+ Rear 7+

Lascannon str9 -6armor

So when it hits roll 4d6 and youll be looking for 7+ modified by 6 by the lascannon so 13+ on 4d6
the average roll on 4d6 is 14 so a lascannon is just south of 50% chance to pen.
The average on the old method of 3d6+9 was 19 against the armor 18 so was just above 50%.
We can always adjust values further to accommodate for differences but this is already pretty close.
Then roll d6 for damage as usual.

At the same time the minimum roll on 4d6 is 4 so at 7+ a lasgun modifies to 8 and has a chance (however slim) of penetrating armor. If this happens we roll d3 for damage as already outlined in my previous suggestion.

I don't like the idea of going to wounds as it removes realism if being able to destroy specific parts and makes vehicles tougher than the one bad roll and your dead thing that we have now.

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